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Be different and let your taste for transformation in your home or work space show your professional or artistic side.  Choose from multiple different types of flooring.


You can rest assured that expert advice will be given to you, excellent workmanship will be provided and affordability is always our main goal.

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Laminated Wooden Flooring...


When it comes to choosing your laminated wooden flooring we are experts in providing you the correct advice.  We will assist you with color schemes and all the do's and don'ts.  Laminated wooden flooring is a wonderful floor covering that give a feeling of warmth and that natural good look.  Every day normal furnishings will transform to a modern look at a blink of an eye.


Vinyl Flooring...


Vinyl flooring has passed the test of time and have established itself throughout the industry at such a committed and advanced level that you can not go wrong.  When it comes to moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, this is your best choice of flooring.  Our consultant will give you proper advice towards the right type of vinyl.



Artificial Grass...


In today's life we live in a fast pace world and have so much daily commitments.  When mowing the lawn, using pesticides to get rid of insects, electricity bills, weekly upkeep of lawns stand in your way, then look not further - Artificial grass is the answer.  No more maintenance, no more high electricity bills, no water wastage and much more free time.  No need to take out that beautiful big tree that provides amazing summer shade.  Install artificial grass!  It stays green all year round and any area can be installed - indoors and outdoors.




There are so many varieties of styles, fabrics and colours available to suit your needs.  Blinds on offer can create space, privacy and ventilation.  Window Blind coverings can compliment your interior dream design and completely change your surroundings.

You name it we can provide them all, standard or custom made sizes.  Blinds are low maintenance compared to curtains.  Speak to a expert today!



Carpets is one of those flooring coverings that has stood the test of time throughout decades.  Wall-to-wall carpeting adds an element of luxury & space to any area, which is why you will find carpets in office environments as well as bed & breakfast and hotels.  This way you can compliment the areas and divide them in a creative way.  Carpets can give you endless satisfaction when taken care of.  From home cinemas to baby rooms.  The warmth it creates during winter time will give you and your family a cozy atmosphere.  There is a huge variety of patterns, textures and colors available.